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Do We Really Have To Move?

Moving. Ugh. The process of buying a new home would be so much more exciting and rewarding, if it weren’t for the fact that you now have to drag, carry and push all your furniture and belongings inside it!

What is more miserable than facing a move? Has anyone ever looked forward to a move?

My personal belief is that the key to getting through any move is just that: get through it. Bear down, and get it over with! The only way out… is through. While that may not be very encouraging, there are several things that you can do to make the process easier.

First of all, (like in anything) procrastination is your enemy. Don’t delay and put the necessary tasks on your back burner; this only makes the big day more impossible to face. Be proactive! Whenever the dread of moving creeps into your mind… deal with it by working on something to make the move easier, no matter how small. Keep moving the ball down the field;)

Second tip: Get a plan together. I found this article on The Spruce helpful. It helps break down some of the key tasks, and offers some great pointers on how to get your home ready to move, and how to make sure your new house is ready for all your belongings. Also, last month, Popular Mechanics published an article with some great tips on getting through your move.

Talk to your real estate agent… if you don’t have one, TALK TO ME! Any good REALTOR® in your area is going to have experience with preparing homeowners for their move into their new house. Do they know any good moving companies? Who are the new utility providers you’ll need to set up an account with? Can they offer can extra set of hands on the big day??

This leads to my last tip: ask for help. Your friends and family can make the work load a lot lighter. I can remember in the church I grew up in, we had a group of guys who created their own “Men’s Moving Ministry”; born out of their own dread of the task, these men organized en masse on Saturdays to help families in the church get all their things loaded into trucks in into their new home. With so many people helping, the otherwise long and painful process was shortened to just a few short hours on a Saturday morning.

Your new home awaits. Keep this in mind and just understand that everybody hates moving… believe me. But not everyone gets through it while keeping their sanity. You can!

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